Jingquan Travelling Goods



ISO 9001:2000 Certificate

Key to JqTG success is our ability to provide customers with superior quality products at competitive prices. We achieve this by promoting a quality culture in all our procedures and processes from material procurement on through shipping. Our goal is to provide goods meeting all specification requirements on time the first time.

*JqTG quality procedures and implementation were audited and we received ISO-9001 certification in 1999. The first outdoor goods manufacturer in China so accredited.

*Every two years our procedures and implementation are audited by an accredited independent Chinese auditing organization.

* Every year, since 2004, JqTG has been audited by an independent European audit organization to verify that our quality process and social responsibility implementation meet requirements established by some major clients.

*All purchased materials and components are QC checked against purchase specifications and tested in our central material testing laboratory or, when requested, by an independent international testing organization.

*Additional inspections are performed in the cutting areas, on semi-finished product and final product. Tents are 100% set up, "pitched", and inspected prior to folding and packing.

*Each product line has its own dedicated manufacturing facility, equipment and staff, thus assuring the best equipment for the job and personnel experienced with each product's processes and procedures.

*Our staff is locally hired from a pool of experienced garment industry personnel. Turnover is very low and there are no extended production disruptions due to personnel leave during the major Chinese holidays.

*All new hires receive three months training and coaching prior to being granted permanent employee status.

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